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Farming Nightmare: Owner Reveals Chilling Truth Behind Tragic Car Crash that Claimed Four Lives

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The close-knit community of Garreg Hyll Drem Farm, near Snowdonia National Park, is grappling with the devastating discovery of four bodies just 25 meters from Farmer Rhys Williams’ residence.

The bodies of Jevon Hirst, 16, Harvey Owen, 17, Wilf Fitchett, 17, and Hugo Morris, 18, were found in a ditch on November 21, prompting an outpouring of grief and raising questions about the circumstances surrounding their tragic deaths.

The four young friends, all students at the same college and hailing from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, embarked on a camping trip in the picturesque Eryri National Park. However, when they failed to return, concerns escalated, leading to a frantic search by family and friends.

The turning point in the search came when a passing binman spotted the silver Ford Fiesta they had been traveling in, bringing a tragic end to the search for the missing group.

As reported by the Mirror, Farmer Rhys Williams, who resides near the site of the discovery, recounted the grim details of the tragedy. The bodies were found by a recycling lorry at 10 am, higher up, making them visible to the binman who promptly alerted the authorities.

The close proximity of the incident to Mr. Williams’ residence adds an unsettling dimension to the ordeal.

“They must have been going from Harlech north towards Snowdonia. This is one of two roads they could have taken. There are no tracks on the road, nothing to be seen. It’s a sharp bend, it narrows. There were lots of leaves on that corner. There have been one or two accidents there before,” shared Mr. Williams.

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The removal of the Ford Fiesta from the scene on Tuesday evening marked the beginning of an ongoing investigation into the circumstances of the tragic accident. Officers returned to the area to conduct a search by torchlight on Wednesday morning, delving into the details of the incident that claimed the lives of these young individuals.

Mr. Williams expressed the community’s sense of disbelief, emphasizing the unfortunate circumstances of the accident. The Fiesta, described as a small car, went into the ditch in a manner that made it nearly invisible to passing vehicles.

Mr. Williams noted that at least two buses and possibly other cars would have driven past the crash site without detecting any signs of the tragic event.

“They were so unlucky, the way the car went in. It has gone into the ditch, low into the ditch. It’s a small car. I went past and didn’t see anything. Two buses would have gone past before 10 am and not seen anything,” he explained.

The shock and sorrow reverberate throughout the community as friends, family, and neighbors grapple with the loss of these four vibrant young lives.

As investigations continue, the focus shifts to understanding the sequence of events leading to the accident and exploring ways to enhance safety measures on the roads to prevent such heart-wrenching incidents in the future

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