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Illegal Migrants Should Be Sent To Orkney Islands Instead of Rwanda, Because Of This – Anderson

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In a surprising statement, Tory Deputy Chairman Lee Anderson suggested that the UK government should consider sending illegal migrants to the Orkney Islands while awaiting the processing of their asylum applications. This proposal comes in response to previous reports indicating that ministers had contemplated sending migrants to the Falkland Islands.

According to a report from Express, Anderson revealed that he had pitched this idea to Prime Minister Boris Johnson approximately two years ago, recalling that Johnson had merely smiled in response. However, he has since reconsidered the Falkland Islands as a viable option, expressing concern for the South American islanders who might not welcome the presence of illegal migrants.

Speaking on GB News, Anderson stated, “I don’t think it’s fair on the Falkland Islands, to be honest; they don’t want these illegal migrants going down there.” Instead, he suggested the remote Scottish islands, particularly the Orkneys, as a more suitable location. He emphasized that if individuals are genuinely escaping war or persecution, providing them with accommodation on a Scottish island could be a humane solution.

Joking about the chilly weather in the North of Scotland, Anderson remarked, “I know it’s a bit parky up there this time of year.” Nonetheless, he reiterated the idea that a safe and accommodating environment on a Scottish island could serve the purpose of sheltering those seeking asylum.

In response to criticisms of his proposal, Anderson defended the idea, stating, “If we can get some accommodation up there, keep these people safe – these people want to be safe, they’re fleeing so-called persecution from these war-torn countries. If we can put them on a nice, safe island in the North of Scotland, job done.”

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He further emphasized the practicality of finding an uninhabited island in the Orkneys or the surrounding area, adding, “If we can find an island in the Orkneys or up there that’s got no one on there to start off with, put some decent accommodation on, then it’s job done.”

Interestingly, Anderson’s proposal received support from Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who defended the Tory Deputy Chairman’s stance. Sunak acknowledged the strong public sentiment on the issue and echoed the frustrations expressed by Anderson and others. Despite the controversy, Prime Minister Boris Johnson endorsed Anderson’s frustrations, stating that he “absolutely” shared the sentiments of many in the country regarding immigration concerns.

In light of the Supreme Court’s concerns, the government is actively pursuing a new treaty with Rwanda to address legal challenges. Efforts are underway to expedite the transportation of asylum seekers to Rwanda, despite some calling for adherence to the Supreme Court’s rulings.

Anderson’s suggestion has ignited a debate on the appropriate treatment of asylum seekers, with opinions divided on the feasibility and ethics of relocating them to remote islands while their cases are being processed. The government’s pursuit of alternative solutions reflects the ongoing challenges in navigating immigration policies that balance humanitarian concerns with national interests.

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