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Meghan Markle ‘Fiercely Fighting’ Her Sister in Court: ‘Evidence Might Not Be Flattering to the Montecito Mama’

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As Meghan Markle and her half-sister Samantha Markle’s court case continues, it appears that the Duchess of Sussex plans on “fiercely fighting” her sibling. But a royal commentator claims that as the case evolves, “evidence” revealed “might not be flattering to the Montetico Mama” as this fresh fight takes another turn. Here’s why.

In the case of Markle vs. Markle, ‘evidence might not be flattering’

Samthana Markle is suing her half-sister Meghan Markle, married to Prince Harry, for libel in a Florida court. Royal commentator Kinsley Schofield weighed in on the topic for Talk TV.

“Samantha is suing Meghan for libel over comments made during her Oprah Winfrey interview and in the Netflix series Harry & Meghan,” Schofield says. “Meghan is fiercely fighting to have this case tossed, hoping that the judge will dismiss it without a trial.”

She continued, “That would save Meghan from having to record a deposition, testify, or hand over evidence that might not exactly be flattering to the Montecito mama.” Schofield spoke to celebrity attorney Christopher Welch regarding this unique situation.

Schofield asked Welch, “This has hurt her [Samantha] financially, so she wants to punish her sister [Meghan] financially?” He responded, “That’s exactly what she’s claiming in the lawsuit.”

Welch continued, “If you just look at the paperwork, you get each side’s story. But then we have to zoom out and see what is driving these legal disputes.”

He subsequently stated that any statements made by Meghan have to be proven as fact, not false or statements of opinion. These statements have to be proven to have caused Samantha damage to be considered factual

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As Kinsley Schofield’s interview with Christopher Welch continued, they touched on Samantha Markle’s intentions with her lawsuit. Is she trying to “cash out or save her reputation?” asks Schofield.

“Her [Samantha] narrative is that I am a sister that is hurt by Meghan’s attempt to recast history,” the lawyer explained. “She’s saying that Meghan is so conniving she is spreading all this false information out there in the media so that Samantha’s statements aren’t believed.”

Meghan’s lawyers argued the statements complained of were opinions and, therefore, not defamatory. In video footage published by The Sun, Samantha said outside a Florida courtroom, “I think the truth stands on its own, so I’m optimistic and thankful that we have a justice system that gives us the chance to present the facts.”

Samantha Markle says Meghan Markle’s comments were hurtful.

Samantha Markle claims Meghan’s remarks that they barely know each other was hurtful. She previously spoke of this situation in an interview with Dan Wootton Tonight.

“Of course it is, but you know, people change. They have agendas, they have other things influencing their lives, and, you know, it doesn’t change reality,” Samantha said to the Sun.

She continued, “It doesn’t change my heart; I think I’m much stronger than that, but it’s sad. I think [Meghan] has to live with that. Hopefully, someday, she can embrace the truth and a better part of herself.”

“I would want that for her. I have to get back a lot of my life that was lost from damage over several years. All we can do is move forward based on truth and positivity,” Samantha concluded.

if Samantha wins, the case proceeds to trial. Subsequently, Meghan will have to give a deposition and engage in disclosure, which could mean handing over private emails and text messages relevant to the case.

A judge threw out Samantha’s previous complaint early in 2023. She first brought the defamation case against Meghan in March 2022.

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