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Mom Births Baby with Huge Life-Threatening Tongue, Few Years Later The Unexpected Took Place

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A woman blamed herself and got emotional after birthing a baby with a life-threatening adult-sized tongue.

She opened up about the difficult process of helping her baby get back to a healthy life.
The baby girl finally showed her adorable smile six months after birth.

Paisley Morrison-Johnson was born with a tongue the size of an adult. The tongue worried doctors, who felt it would suffocate her.

Despite such a daunting start to life, Paisley got the medical help she needed six months after birth and can now live a normal life.

During her ultrasound, Madison Kienow, Paisley’s mother, counted her baby girl’s toes, fingers, ears, and eyes. And when she saw her tongue, Madison joked:

“Oh cute, she likes sticking her tongue out.”

Madison soon gave birth via Cesarean section, and doctors immediately knew something was wrong. The little girl’s tongue was so large that it completely filled her oral cavity. Doctors quickly hooked up the baby to a ventilator to ensure she could breathe.

Madison, who was being stitched up, did not hold her baby when she was born. She remembered the experience:.

“It was a really emotional. It’s still emotional. I got to see her, but I was being stitched up, and they just wheeled an omni bed over to me, and there I saw her, you know, just tubes and cords.”

Surgeons also told Madison that her baby’s tongue was the largest they had ever seen, especially for an infant. Soon, specialists began to learn more about why Paisley had an adult-sized tongue, and they soon found out the cause.

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When Paisley turned 16 months, her mother said her daughter had become “one of the most facial expressed babies ever.”
What Happened to the Baby?
Doctors at the hospital in Aberdeen, South Dakota, didn’t know what caused the newborn’s adult-sized tongue, so they flew Paisley to a specialist in Sioux Falls.

There, Madison met a team of specialists who couldn’t determine what conditions were affecting her daughter, and she became discouraged

also speak easily and started saying her first words; she began eating adult food, her teeth also began growing, and she took her first steps.

When Paisley turned 16 months, her mother said her daughter had become “one of the most facial expressed babies ever.” Madison added:

“She is growing up, and she has so much spunk and personality and love. She’s just amazing.”

Doctors said Madison’s tot would be monitored every three months until she turned eight when her chances of developing cancerous tumors triggered by the syndrome would drop dramatically.

However, her mother was optimistic that her daughter would grow normally. She said Paisley was a determined girl who had a lot of fight in her.

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