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Woman Slept with a Homeless Man in the Hope of Having a child, and when a DNA test was done, she was stunned to discover who the father was

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Woman Slept with a Homeless Man in the Hope of Having a child, and when a DNA test was done, she was stunned to discover who the father was

“She gave herself to a bomb in the hope of having a child. And when she took a DNA test, she was shocked to find out who the father was. Alice turned off her work computer and looked at her watch. It was almost eight in the evening, and she did not want to go home at all. There was a burning desire to get back to work, to sit here until midnight, and go home when her husband would sleep.

But remembering that she had done this once before and then strongly regretted it, she got to sleep only about three o’clock in the morning. She had to wake up at six o’clock, and the next day she felt like a wreck, unable to get any work done.

There was another option of not going home, to go to her parents’ house for the night. But even there, the questions would begin: Why are you here? What happened? What did Alex do to you? No, those were questions she did not want to answer in any case. Then followed the moralizing from the wise and live-together-happily-long parents who know this life better than their stupid and inexperienced daughter.

Alice touched the photo frame next to the computer monitor. In the photo, she and her husband were looking at each other with smiles on their faces. It was the wedding day that seemed magical to Alice, the happiest and most promising day of her life.

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How many years had it been since that day? Only five, and it feels like decades of life together with Alex behind her. There’s also a slowly growing mountain of mutual misunderstanding, recriminations, arguments, examinations, and recriminations, and arguments again.

On the phone, Kim, a message from a friend. “Let’s go to a cafe. I have news.” Alice sighed, thinking about what news Emily might have for her. Probably a new car given to her by her married suitor, or maybe news about a new rich and married suitor who could now give not only a car but also an apartment.

Nevertheless, Alice accepted her friend’s offer. She just terribly did not want to go back to Alex, to an empty, filled with cold silence, complete ignoring of each other. And silence was probably worse than fighting and shouting. It hurts worse than breaking expensive dishes and insults rolled at each other. This was not the life the smiling bride had dreamed of five years ago.

Alice got in the car. It took her about 40 minutes to get to the cafe without any traffic. Of course, all the normal people who finished work at 6 PM had long been home, and only such lonely, unwanted ladies were wandering around the city, looking for reasons not to go home. Emily was already sitting in the cafe, and Alice noticed her car near the….Read Full Story Here….,…

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