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Urgent Warning to Anyone Who Orders Parcels to Their Home, This is Serious

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An urgent warning has been issued to anyone who has parcels delivered to their home.As we head closer to Christmas, more people may be opting for online shopping and will see an increase in parcels coming to their door. But households are being urged to remain vigilant and spot the signs of scammers.

A TikTok user has warned people about a new scam in which fraudsters pretend to be DPD drivers to intercept parcels, according to the Mirror. They use someone else’s bank details to get a package delivered to the wrong address, and then ask for it back while wearing a uniform. As the occupant did not place the order, they are more likely to return the package, assuming it was meant for someone else.

One TikTok user posted about the scam, revealing how her best friend had almost fallen for it. Her friend received a package from Sky addressed to her dad, but as he had not ordered anything, the delivery seemed suspicious. When the fake DPD driver came to collect the package, her friend refused to hand it over, and they left in a huff.

Upon opening the package, they found an iPhone 14 with a sim card inside. Her dad had not ordered a phone, so they suspected fraud and contacted Sky. They discovered that two phones had been ordered using her dad’s details, and one had already been delivered the previous Friday. According to the delivery company’s system, someone had intercepted the package at their front door.

The scammers had gotten lucky the first time, so they attempted it again with another package. However, they were too late and decided to impersonate a DPD driver to try and retrieve the package. The TikTok user warned people to be cautious of fake DPD drivers and to protect their personal details from these tech-savvy scammers.

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