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Kate Middleton Has Finally ‘Unleashed’ Her Genuine Self After Years of ‘Bland

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Kate Middleton’s done with the “bland.” According to a body language expert, the Princess of Wales has entered a new era of royal life. The mother of three is now in a phase where she can be her not-so-“pitch-perfect” self

Kate’s body language points to her being ‘relatively fearless.

She may have spent years developing a poker face, as it were, and fine-tuning her royal smile, but now Kate’s confident. Having been part of the royal family for more than a decade (she and Prince William married in April 2011) the 41-year-old’s not afraid. In fact, according to body language expert Judi James, Kate’s rather “fearless.”

“We’re seeing someone who is relatively fearless,” James said on the Oct. 12 episode of the “Pod Save the King” podcast. “I’ve noticed when she’s out with [King] Charles [III], there’s no sign of fear whatsoever.”

“I mean, everyone’s respectful,” she added. “But I remember she was the one who went and put her arm around his shoulder when he was in mourning (at his father’s [Prince Philip] funeral).”

Delving further into Kate’s body language, James explained the royal, alongside her husband, the Prince of Wales, have “unfolded,” essentially showing more facets of their personalities.

“Now, they have stepped up. I referred to it, with their body language, they’ve unfolded,” she told podcast host Ann Gripper. “The butterfly has come out. She has literally unfold[ed].”

“There are dimensions to her body language that I believe was [sic] always there, that is Kate,” the expert added. “I think what we’re seeing there is the genuine Kate, rather than the pitch-perfect version.”

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As for why it took so long to see the “genuine” Kate, James explained she and William may have been cautious to avoid a “soap opera.”

“After all of this time, pitch-perfect, flawless, maybe a little bit bland, but I think that was deliberate,” the expert said. “Because, I think, they didn’t want to become a soap opera, they learned from mistakes from the past.”

Kate’s ‘so interested in people’ as her ‘emphatic hand gestures’ show

James continued, zeroing in on one particular aspect of Kate’s body language: her hands. And how Kate’s focus seems to be on others.

“With her body language, it’s not ‘Here I am,” which is what [Prince] Harry and Meghan [Marrkle] tend to do, ‘We’re here,’ it’s ‘There you are.’” Kate, James explained, is “so interested in people, her listening skills, her active listening, when she does talk, she’s developed some really emphatic hand gestures.”

“You see slightly spikey hands, she’s wanting to get to the point, fascinated by what people are saying,” the expert said, calling it “very immersive” and “very confident.”

“I’ve been so impressed,” James concluded. “And I think it’s a shame that what was waiting there all this time. But, good for her, she’s waited, and there she’s unleashed it.”

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