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King Charles Makes Fun of Himself Over Embarrassing Incident Caught on Camera

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Sometimes we look back on our past behavior and laugh at ourselves for how we acted. Well King Charles III recently did just that when during one high-profile event, he made fun of himself for how he behaved at another outing just a few days into his reign as Britain’s new monarch.

Here’s what the king said about his behavior during one embarrassing incident that was seen around the world.

King Charles’ infamous pen incident

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth, all eyes were on her oldest son as he transitioned into a role he had been preparing for his entire life. But apparently nothing could have prepared him for how frustrating leaky fountain pens can be.

His wife, Queen Camilla (formerly known as Camilla Parker Bowles), then pointed out: “Oh look, it’s going everywhere.” At that moment an attendant took the fountain pen from Camilla and gave her a new one to use.

But the king’s temper continued to flare as he wiped his hand and angrily exclaimed: “I can’t bear this bloody thing! It’s what they do every stinking time!” before he disappeared from view.

But that wasn’t the only time the king made headlines for becoming frustrated while signing documents. Video from his proclamation ceremony showed him getting irritated with royal aides as he motioned for them to quickly clear off ink pots and a tray of pens lying on a desk before he signed the oath.

The king joked about his outbursts during a reception

Whether it was just a difficult time for King Charles as he was mourning the loss of his mother or the pressure of stepping into his destined role as the world watched, he knows that everyone saw how he acted over something as silly as a leaky pen. Therefore, when he was given the opportunity he decided to make fun of himself for his outbursts.

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During a reception at Mansion House on Oct. 18, the monarch and Queen Camilla attended a white-tie dinner to recognize the work of City of London civic institutions and Livery Companies. When it was time for the king to deliver his remarks, he decided to address his fountain pen tantrum and poke fun at himself.

“The British sense of humor is world-renowned. It is not what we do. It is who we are. Our ability to laugh at ourselves is one of our great national characteristics,” the king said.

Then in a reference to his troubles with the pens after his accession, he joked: “Just as well, you may say, given some of the vicissitudes I have faced with frustratingly failing fountain pens this past year!”

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