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Woman who died for over an hour opened up on ‘crossing over’ to another realm

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We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t wondered what happens to us after we die, but for most of us, we’re quite content with not finding out for as long as possible.

But while most of us will never know until we meet our maker, one woman has revealed how she experienced a true death experience, which saw her ‘crossing over to another realm’ after being brought back to life.

More than a decade ago, Cherie Aimée experienced what the majority of people never will – she officially died for 90 minutes, before she ‘miraculously came back to life’.

Unfortunately, Aimée was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2008. She immediately had four intensive rounds of chemotherapy, which she described as having an ‘extreme’ impact on her body.

Aimée’s cancer went into remission after three months of treatment, and she was declared cancer-free. But she suffered a cardiac arrest in April 2010.

“The doctors were rushed in, they immediately performed CPR,” she said during an interview on Megyn Kelly Today. “Within the first five, 10 minutes they were unsuccessful and were ready to call my time of death.”

However, one doctor ordered the CPR to continue, and the chest compressions continued for over 90 minutes with no success.

She was put on life support and rushed to New York Presbyterian Columbia hospital where she underwent open heart surgery.

Reflecting on the traumatic moments, Aimée said she ‘knew’ she had died.

“I knew I was somewhere else . I knew I had died instantaneously, when I flatlined I immediately crossed over into this other realm and I remember my body just floating in like this white space and I felt as light as a feather. I felt free.”

When Kelly pressed for more details about ‘crossing over’, Aimée explained the transition was ‘instantaneous’.

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“I remember one minute being in this world and the next being like I died. I knew immediately I was in this white space where I felt like I was formless and I felt light as a feather. I felt free. I remember feeling free of the burdens of everyday life.”

Kelly asked if Aimée panicked upon realising she was dead, but Aimée said the feeling was more like ‘Wow, this is so beautiful’.

Aimée said it wasn’t an out-of-body experience and didn’t oversee the events happening in the room, reiterating she was in ‘a whole other realm’. She also experienced a life review of her current life and ‘any experience my soul had undergone’ – a window into prior lives.

“I was no longer in the physical hospital,” she said. “I was completely in another realm. I actually felt connected to my family on the other side and I felt connected to the heavens/ there was no distinction of ‘Okay I’m dead and I’m in this other world,’ it was more ‘I just gracefully walked through this door and I made this beautiful transition to another realm’.”

Experiencing that realm has made Aimée unafraid of death as well as encouraged her to live life to the fullest after getting a heart transplant.

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