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Tyler Perry Refuses to Lend Jet to Meghan Markle After Discovering the Truth

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According to a report by The Daily Mail, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made an appearance in Atlanta shortly after their return from a romantic weekend getaway in the Caribbean. The couple arrived in the city on a private flight on Monday following their brief holiday on the small island of Canouan in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Photographs obtained by the Daily Mail captured the royal couple disembarking from the plane and strolling across the tarmac. They were warmly greeted by airport staff and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents. Meghan’s attire didn’t escape notice, as she was seen wearing a black long-sleeve maxi dress, brown slip-on sandals, a blue scarf, dark sunglasses, and a casual messy bun.

She also carried a souvenir tote bag with “Cream of the Islands” printed on it and held a sun hat. On the other hand, Harry sported a white polo shirt, olive pants, and shoes, completing his post-holiday look with a black cap.

Notably, their two young children were not seen with them, suggesting that they did not accompany their parents on this trip. Some speculations arose that Harry and Meghan might have sought Tyler Perry’s assistance with a private jet, considering their previous connections. However, a Reddit user pointed out that the jet they used to fly into Atlanta was not one of Tyler Perry’s jets. It didn’t match the description of his two well-known jets, which are usually recognized by their white noses.

The Reddit user clarified that the picture was taken at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the world’s second busiest airport, while Tyler Perry typically keeps his larger and more prestigious jets at Cobb County International Airport. He receives significant tax breaks for using these airports, which has generated some controversy due to funding cuts to local nonprofits. However, the county argues that his use of these airports contributes to local employment.

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Perry ultimately refrained from assisting the couple upon discovering that the child they had with them was not the one he believed to be Lili. This incident has raised criticism regarding Harry and Meghan’s environmental claims, as they have been vocal advocates for environmental causes. Their use of over seven cars for security during their visit to New York City was seen as contradictory to their eco-conscious messaging. In contrast, Prince Charles and Camilla attended a similar event in Birmingham without the need for such a large convoy of vehicles.

Meanwhile, some experts believe that Meghan Markle has refused to conform to traditional expectations, and Royal commentator Daniela Elser expressed her thoughts on this matter in an article for She compared a recently released image from the series “The Crown” showing Princess Diana standing on the edge of a private yacht looking somber and meditative, to Meghan’s situation. Elser emphasized the theme of loneliness and isolation that Diana experienced during her 15 years as a Windsor wife who refused to conform to expectations.

She went on to draw parallels with Meghan Markle, suggesting that the institution appears to have learned little in the decades since Princess Diana’s death, despite Meghan’s entry into the Royal Family.

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