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Gary Lineker’s Outrage Over Greta Thunberg’s Arrest Leaves Twitter Users in Frenzy

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Gary Lineker, the well-known Match of the Day presenter and former Premier League football player, has caused a stir on social media after expressing his views on the recent arrest of climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Thunberg, who has been leading the charge in the fight against climate change, was detained by police following a demonstration by Fossil Free London outside the InterContinental Hotel on Park Lane, as reported by GB News’ Twitter account.

The demonstration targeted the hotel as it was believed to be hosting a meeting of oil executives. Despite being charged with a public order offence, Thunberg showed resilience as she joined campaigners outside JP Morgan offices in Canary Wharf.

Greenpeace captured her arrest and subsequent speech aimed at the fossil fuel industry, which was later shared on social media platform X

Lineker, known for his outspokenness on political matters, took to the platform to share the video and express his concerns. Alongside the clip, he wrote, “We’ve lost our minds.” However, Lineker’s post was met with a wave of criticism from users who pointed out his silence on the Hamas-Israel conflict.

While Lineker is no stranger to engaging in controversial political debates online, he has refrained from commenting on the ongoing Middle East conflict. This silence has raised eyebrows, particularly as the BBC, Lineker’s employer, has faced criticism for not labeling Hamas as “terrorists.”

In response to Lineker’s tweet about Thunberg, one user remarked, “Oh here he is!!! You’ve been quiet recently.” Another sarcastically commented, “We wondered where you went Gary. No comment regarding the brutal savagery of Hamas in Israel… yet you stand with a disillusioned teenager.”

Despite facing backlash, Lineker did receive support from some of his followers who agreed with his stance. One supporter even wrote, “Couldn’t agree more! It feels like ‘crazy town’ these days.”

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It is worth noting that Thunberg’s arrest was not an isolated incident. The Metropolitan Police confirmed that a total of 27 protesters were arrested during the demonstration, with 26 individuals ultimately being charged.

The debate surrounding Thunberg’s activism and Lineker’s involvement serves as a reminder of the polarizing nature of climate change and the wider political landscape. As the world continues to face environmental challenges, it is evident that opinions on how to tackle them will differ greatly.

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