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Meghan Markle Scared As Ex Husband Trevor Engelson Offered Big Money to Expose Her Secrets

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Meghan Markle’s former husband Trevor Engelson is reportedly being courted by several agents to write a tell-all book about his relationship with the Duchess of Sussex. Engelson, a film producer, married Markle in 2011 after seven years of dating, but they divorced in 2014.

Markle went on to marry Prince Harry in 2018 and became a member of the British royal family, while Engelson remarried nutritionist Tracey Kurland in 2019.

According to royal author Neil Sean, Engelson has been offered “big deals and big money” to spill the beans on his ex-wife, who has been at the center of controversy since she and Harry stepped back from their royal duties in 2020 and moved to the US.

According to a report by GB News, Sean told New! magazine that Engelson has been approached by agents when Markle was at the height of her fame, and he might consider his options now that Harry has released his own explosive memoir, Spare

“Meghan is bound to be petrified,” a source told Women’s Day magazine, adding that Engelson knows “more to her family story” and has “the goods” on her. The source also claimed that Markle is worried that Engelson might reveal details about their wedding in Jamaica, which was attended by some of her estranged relatives, such as her half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. and her uncle Michael Markle.

Markle has not commented on the rumors of Engelson’s potential book deal, but she is reportedly planning to release her own memoir after Harry’s book, which has caused a rift with his family. The Mail on Sunday reported that Markle is “contemplating getting entirely candid about her time in the Royal limelight — and leaving no stone unturned.”

A Hollywood agent told the outlet that Markle’s story is “equally compelling” as Harry’s, and that she might have political ambitions that would benefit from a book.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have already signed a lucrative four-book deal with publishers Penguin Random House in 2021, which includes Harry’s memoir and Markle’s children’s book, The Bench³. The couple also have a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix, which produced their docuseries Harry and Meghan⁴ in December 2022.

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