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The Way King Charles Decided to Handle Prince Harry and Meghan Has Made the Sussexes Look ‘Pretty Foolish,’ According to Royal Commentator

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Despite how ugly things have gotten between the Sussexes and the royal family, some believe King Charles III is taking the high road and that is the correct action when it comes to dealing with his youngest son and daughter-in-law. However, there are also some who think the new monarch should come down harder on the duke and duchess and has made a “mistake” by not doing so.

At least one commentator who supports the king’s handling of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle explains how the monarch’s actions make the Sussexes appear foolish.

Podcast host explains how Prince Harry and Meghan were made to look foolish by King Charles

Royal biographer Tom Bower recently opined that King Charles made a “terrible mistake” and should have cut the duke and duchess off right away. But commentator and To Di For Daily podcast host Kinsey Schofield feels differently and says the king’s decision not to completely cut them off actually reflects badly on the Sussexes.

TV presenter Schofield spoke to Sky News and reminded people that Harry and Meghan had accused a member of the royal family of being a racist. She added that Prince Charles, by disassociating himself from Harry and Meghan, would have risked the accusations being seen as true.

Instead, by inviting them to events, Charles has taken the moral high ground, and made them look foolish. Paul Burrell, a former royal butler, agreed that the king could invite them to future events. The Sussexes are now in the “others” category, along with Prince Andrew, and have been “lumped” into that group.

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