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Labour Councillor Resigns Over Keir Starmer’s Israel-Gaza War Comments

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Jessie Hoskin, a dedicated councillor representing the Cainscross ward on Stroud District Council, made a significant and heartfelt announcement on Facebook on Sunday, October 15, 2023, she declared her resignation from the Labour Party, a political entity she had been a part of for eight years, citing her profound discontent with comments made by Sir Keir Starmer regarding the Israel-Gaza conflict, as reported by BBC News.

In a recent interview with LBC, Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, stated that “Israel has the right” to withhold essential resources such as power and water from the Gaza Strip

Hoskin strongly criticized these remarks, characterizing them as “support for war crimes against Palestinian people.” She emphatically pointed out that “all targeting of civilian life should be condemned.”

Hoskin’s resignation underscores her passionate commitment to humanitarian values and the principles of justice.

She firmly believes that the two million Palestinians residing in Gaza, who bear no responsibility for the actions of Hamas, should not suffer collective punishment. She stated, “We are witnessing atrocities, and he has not apologized since.”

The situation in the Gaza Strip has reached a critical juncture, with Israel imposing a “complete siege” in response to Hamas attacks and alleged atrocities.

This siege encompasses severe measures, including cutting off electricity, food, fuel, and water, exacerbating the already dire conditions in the region.

Israel has initiated a large-scale evacuation in anticipation of an impending attack, warning 1.1 million people in the northern part of Gaza to evacuate.

Jessie Hoskin’s decision to resign from the Labour Party is rooted in her belief that the party no longer aligns with the fundamental values of human dignity, equality, and a world where everyone can live free from harm.

She passionately advocates for seeking solutions that protect both Palestinian and Israeli lives, uphold international law, and strive for a safer world for all.

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Her departure from the party, however, does not mean she intends to abandon her commitment to her constituents.

Ms. Hoskin has declared her intention to continue serving as a councillor for the Cainscross ward but as an independent representative.

This move signifies her determination to remain a voice for her community, committed to the pursuit of a just and peaceful resolution to the Israel-Gaza conflict, even as she departs from the Labour Party.

In a time when political leaders’ statements on international issues carry profound implications, the resignation of Jessie Hoskin serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of aligning one’s political affiliation with personal convictions.

Her act of conscience highlights the complexity of issues surrounding the Israel-Gaza conflict and the responsibility of political leaders to address them with sensitivity and respect for international law.

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