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Do not eat!: Man’s TERRIFYING warning about tiny dots found on Bananas

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A man is warning customers not to buy bananas that have small white spots on them. These spots could be places where insects have built their nests. This warning came about because a shopper at Asda noticed something unusual on the bananas they bought and shared it on Facebook in October 2022.

The unnamed shopper shared a post on a social media site to seek advice from others. In the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas group, the customer wrote, “Does anyone know what this white spot is on my banana? I bought it from Asda yesterday.” Along with the message, she included a picture of the banana with the white mark. Her concern was understandable, especially when she saw the responses from other group members.

Shockingly, one user commented, “It’s definitely a spider in there.” Another person added, “That looks like a spider’s egg sack. Put it in a bag and tie it. I would take it back.” Yet another replied, “This happened to me last year. I bought some bananas and got a free spider’s nest with tiny spiders coming out of it.”

Taking the warnings of others seriously, the shopper later provided an update. She said, “I can confirm that those bananas, or the bunch of them (which put me off for life), are in the bin outside! I might pour boiling water over them in case they hatch inside the bin and wander into the house because I do NOT handle spiders well, especially venomous ones!” She continued, “I might even consider burning my bin, but I’m just joking.”

An Asda spokesperson explained to LADbible, “That particular ‘white spot’ appears to be a mealy bug nest. They are completely harmless, but like other insects, they tend to make their home between the banana clusters, which provide a protective habitat for them to live.”

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