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Meghan Markle Spotted Hiking Without Prince Harry as Past Connection Raises Eyebrows

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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, was recently seen hiking near her luxurious $14 million Montecito mansion in California, without her husband Prince Harry.

This outing came just hours after she missed King Charles’s coronation.

Joining her on this outdoor adventure were her friends Marcus Anderson and Heather Dorrick.

Interestingly, Meghan had known Marcus Anderson during her yachting days, and he had spent considerable time at Meghan and Harry’s Montecito residence.

In fact, he was even spotted accompanying the couple during their visit to England last year, carrying a small bag.

The constant presence of a man from her past has raised some concerns among observers.

Marcus Anderson, currently serving as the global membership director at the prestigious Soho House members club, has come a long way since his initial role as a waiter.

He swiftly climbed the ranks, assuming various positions within the company.

Meghan and Marcus both resided in Toronto, and it is believed that they moved in similar social circles for years.

These connections have given rise to rumors suggesting that Meghan may have worked as an escort before meeting Prince Harry.

While some question Harry’s awareness of this alleged past profession, others speculate that he might be indifferent to it, even feeling proud to have won over such an attractive partner.

However, Harry seems unaware of how often he inadvertently reveals details that support the escort theory.

In his book, Harry recounts an incident where Meghan instructed him to meet her at Soho House, where she frequently stayed.

He writes about her constant presence in London, leaving her luggage at the establishment for weeks without any questions asked.

The staff at Soho House treated her like family, leading Harry to wonder why he had never encountered her before, considering the vast population of London.

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Meghan claimed to be in the city for business purposes, with acting being her main occupation.

However, her resume boasted a wide array of careers, including lifestyle and travel writing, corporate spokesperson roles, entrepreneurship, activism, and even modeling.

This diverse background, she claimed, was all part of her plan to help people, make a positive impact, and live a liberated life.

Harry’s revelations have fueled speculation about Meghan’s frequent trips to London.

Critics argue that her actions align more with those of a high-end escort, as hotels and establishments like Soho House often accommodate wealthy clients by storing their luggage without asking questions.

It is suggested that Meghan would leave her belongings at these locations when she couldn’t rely on her friends in London to do the same.

This lack of close female friendships further adds to the suspicion surrounding her alleged past profession.

Instead, it is believed that she maintained relationships with male acquaintances who were willing to discreetly store her belongings during her visits.

While Meghan’s varied career choices can be interpreted as euphemisms for being a high-paid prostitute, except for her activism, it is important to note that these are only speculations made by royal fans and critics.

However, the presence of Marcus Anderson in Meghan’s life has raised eyebrows among observers.

Many believe that he may have acted as a handler, given their frequent photographs together in Toronto and Meghan’s affiliation with Soho House, which some claim to be Harry’s source for drugs.

As the world continues to dissect every aspect of Meghan Markle’s life, her past connections and alleged profession remain subjects of intrigue and speculation.

While some dismiss these claims as baseless rumors, others find themselves questioning the truth behind the carefully curated image of the Duchess of Sussex.

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