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Meghan Markle won’t lose royal title despite King Charles humiliating new label

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In a recent royal development, King Charles’ decision to brand Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as “the Others,” effectively removing them from the category of “Non-Working Royals,” has sparked widespread debate.

Despite the humiliation, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has made it clear she won’t relinquish her royal title, a move that has triggered mixed reactions among the public.

Critics argue that Meghan should voluntarily relinquish her royal status, citing her limited time spent in Sussex as evidence of her disconnection from the responsibilities tied to her title.

Social media users, branding her a “C list actress,” have expressed disdain over her continued use of royal titles, particularly when her royal engagements have been notably sparse.

However, supporters of Meghan contend that her royal title holds significant personal and symbolic value. For her, it’s not just a title; it represents her identity and worth.

Amidst the public scrutiny, Meghan remains resolute, holding on to her royal designation despite the controversy surrounding it.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), one user penned, “Meghan Markle calls herself Duchess of Sussex. She had the title for less than 2 years, never visited Sussex or did anything for the people there but continues to pimp the title every chance she gets.”

“Harry and Meghan are a joke, ” it added.

“She’ll never want to lose that title it’s the only thing that gives her any worth,” one penned with another saying, “It defines who she is.”

“Without the title, she’s just another out of work, c list actress,” the scathing comment added.

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One Royal family critic wrote, “I don’t understand how Harry isn’t on permanent vacation; that woman is insufferable.”

“She went to Sussex once for 6 hours. That was it. How disrespectful of her,” another said.

Meanwhile, it was reported Charles’ has new classifications for his family, Senior Royals, Working Royals, Non-Working Royals and Others.

A source told Daily Mail that King Charles has added Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and disgraced Prince Andrew under the label of “others.”

This debate highlights the complex intersection of personal identity and public perception within the realm of royalty.

Meghan’s decision to retain her title, despite the challenges it poses, emphasizes the intricacies of her role as a public figure.

As discussions surrounding her status continue, the future of her royal designation remains uncertain, leaving the public eagerly awaiting further developments in this ongoing royal saga.

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