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Majority Of Britons Want UK To Pull Out Of ECHR And Deport Illegal Migrants

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A poll conducted recently, has revealed that a significant majority of voters in the United Kingdom are in favour of the country withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights.

The primary motivation behind this support is to enable the UK to streamline and expedite the process of deporting illegal migrants, particularly those crossing the English Channel. According to the survey, a substantial 54 percent of respondents are in favor of Britain’s departure from the ECHR. This is according to Daily Mail report on Monday, 2 October 2023.

Illegal migration through the English Channel has emerged as a contentious and pressing issue for the UK government. The growing number of migrants attempting to reach British shores via perilous sea journeys has put immense pressure on immigration enforcement agencies and has stirred public debate on how to manage this crisis effectively.

The pol which sought to gauge public sentiment regarding the ECHR and its impact on the UK’s ability to manage illegal migration. The European Convention on Human Rights, established in 1953, is an international treaty that safeguards a range of fundamental rights and freedoms for individuals, including the right to seek asylum and protection from inhumane treatment. While it has played a crucial role in promoting human rights across Europe, critics argue that it has, in certain instances, hindered the UK’s ability to swiftly deport individuals who have entered the country illegally.

Proponents of Britain’s exit from the ECHR argue that the treaty’s provisions have created legal obstacles, making it challenging to deport illegal migrants promptly. They assert that the UK should have more control over its immigration policies, enabling the government to expedite the removal of individuals who have no legal right to remain in the country.

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Opponents, on the other hand, contend that leaving the ECHR would undermine the UK’s commitment to human rights and international law. They emphasize the importance of upholding human rights standards and argue that the Convention provides essential protections for vulnerable individuals, including refugees and asylum seekers.

The poll results reflect the deep divisions within British society on this issue. While 54 percent expressed support for exiting the ECHR, 46 percent of respondents remained opposed. This suggests a nuanced and complex public sentiment on the matter, indicating that any decision regarding the UK’s continued membership in the Convention will be met with passionate debate.

The poll results reveal that a majority of voters in the UK are in favor of Britain pulling out of the European Convention on Human Rights to facilitate the deportation of illegal migrants. However, this issue remains contentious, with passionate arguments on both sides. As the UK grapples with the complexities of immigration and human rights, the decision to exit the ECHR will undoubtedly continue to be a subject of intense debate and scrutiny.

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