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Too many Illegal migrants moving to our Country could make our Society fall apart – Suella Braverman warns

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Home Secretary Suella Braverman has issued a stark warning that uncontrolled migration could lead to the “disintegration in our society” unless urgent measures are taken to address the international crisis. Speaking on GB News, Braverman emphasized the need for a global solution to what she described as a pressing issue affecting nations across the world.

Braverman’s concern extends beyond the United Kingdom, as she drew parallels between immigration challenges faced by countries such as the United States, Italy, and even the border issues between Texas and Mexico. She urged a reevaluation of international rules governing migration, questioning their fitness for purpose in a rapidly changing world.

In her interview with Conservative Party deputy chairman Lee Anderson, Braverman stressed the importance of democratic legitimacy, emphasizing that people desire control over their borders and expect their governments to manage migration effectively. She cautioned that failure to do so could have dire consequences for societal cohesion.

“We need to change some of the definitions relating to refugee persecution,” Braverman asserted, advocating for a higher threshold for individuals seeking refuge in the UK. Her proposal seeks to ensure that those granted asylum genuinely face severe persecution and imminent danger in their home countries.

The Home Secretary did not shy away from criticizing the Labour Party’s stance on immigration, accusing them of being “clueless” on the issue. She contended that Labour’s policies would lead to a fundamental shift in the country’s border control strategies, describing them as proponents of “open borders, unlimited migration, and re-joining the EU.”

Specifically, Braverman expressed concerns about the Labour Party’s intentions to scrap the Rwanda plan, which is designed to deter illegal migration, and their desire to renegotiate the EU returns agreement, a move she labeled as “stupid or deluded” given the European Union’s stance on the matter.

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According to reports by Express on Friday, September 29, 2023, Braverman’s impassioned plea for controlled migration and her criticism of Labour’s approach echo growing concerns over immigration policies and their potential impact on society and national security. Her remarks underscore the need for a comprehensive and balanced immigration strategy that addresses the concerns of citizens while upholding international obligations to provide refuge for those genuinely in need.

As the debate on migration continues to evolve, it remains to be seen whether Braverman’s warnings will result in significant policy changes in the UK or prompt international discussions on the global challenges posed by migration

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