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Tories Urge Sunak To Quit European Courts And Deport All Illegal Migrants

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The Conservative Party has called upon Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to reconsider the United Kingdom’s immigration laws and exit European courts in pursuit of a more assertive stance on deporting illegal immigrants under the Rwanda scheme. This move, however, raises concerns about the UK’s adherence to the United Nations Human Rights Convention and its implications for human rights. This was revealed by Daily Express on Friday, 29 September 2023.

The Rwanda scheme, which was introduced in 2020, aimed to facilitate the deportation of illegal immigrants who had entered the UK via dangerous and illegal routes. This initiative allowed the UK government to return these individuals to Rwanda, where they could have their asylum claims processed in a safer environment. While the scheme received mixed reactions, it was perceived as a means to discourage illegal immigration and human trafficking.

The Conservative Party’s recent call to Prime Minister Sunak hinges on the argument that by exiting European courts and re-evaluating immigration laws, the UK would have more flexibility in implementing the Rwanda scheme effectively. One of the primary concerns is the role of the European Convention on Human Rights, which has often been cited as a barrier to swift deportations.

Critics of the ECHR argue that it places limitations on the UK’s ability to deport illegal immigrants promptly. They claim that the convention prioritizes the rights of individuals over the state’s sovereignty to manage its borders. The Tories argue that this can be addressed by exiting the ECHR, which would grant the UK more autonomy in handling immigration matters.

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However, this proposal has sparked significant debate and concerns among legal experts and human rights advocates. Critics fear that such a move would undermine the UK’s commitment to international human rights standards. Exiting the ECHR could have far-reaching implications for civil liberties and the protection of vulnerable individuals, potentially leaving them without adequate legal recourse.

Furthermore, the Conservative Party’s call to exit European courts raises questions about the UK’s continued membership in the United Nations Human Rights Convention. If the UK were to exit the ECHR, it could face challenges in its UNHRC membership due to potential conflicts with its obligations under the UN convention.

The UNHRC is a critical international agreement that ensures the protection of human rights globally. The UK’s commitment to this convention has been a cornerstone of its foreign policy and an essential part of its identity as a defender of human rights on the international stage.

While the Conservative Party’s proposal aims to address concerns related to immigration, it raises fundamental questions about the UK’s stance on human rights. Striking a balance between border security and the protection of human rights remains a complex challenge.

In response to these calls, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has yet to make a definitive statement. The government faces the daunting task of evaluating the potential consequences of such a move on the UK’s international standing, its commitment to human rights, and its relationship with the UNHRC.

In the coming months, this debate is likely to intensify, with both proponents and opponents of the Conservative Party’s proposal arguing their cases passionately. The outcome will not only shape the UK’s immigration policies but also determine its position on the global stage concerning human rights and international conventions.

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