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Pictured Of Schoolgirl, 15, Stabbed to Death on Croydon Bus in Horror Rush-Hour Attack

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Tragedy struck the peaceful streets of Croydon yesterday morning when 15-year-old Eliyanna Andam, a student at the prestigious Old Palace of John Whitgift private school, was brutally stabbed to death in a shocking rush-hour attack that has sent shockwaves throughout the community.

The incident unfolded at approximately 8:30 am, just a stone’s throw away from the school gates, when a heated altercation erupted on a crowded number 60 bus outside the Whitgift Shopping Centre, near East Croydon station. The confrontation involved Eliyanna’s friend, a fellow student, and her ex-boyfriend, who had turned up with flowers and a love note in a misguided attempt to rekindle their relationship.

Eyewitnesses reported that the situation escalated rapidly when the young girl rejected the floral offerings and attempted to return a bag of possessions, a symbolic act following their break-up. Eliyanna, showing immense courage and selflessness, stepped in to protect her friend during this tense encounter.

However, the altercation took a horrifying turn when the ex-boyfriend, described as a teenage boy dressed in all black, produced what witnesses described as a “sword-like” zombie knife. In a gruesome and senseless act of violence, he proceeded to stab Eliyanna Andam in the neck and chest.

Despite the valiant efforts of a bus driver and passers-by, who rushed to her aid, Eliyanna succumbed to her injuries on the pavement just moments after the attack. The tragic incident occurred less than a mile from her elite independent school, where she was known for her bright future and promising potential.

One youth worker at the scene recounted the events, stating that the initial offering of flowers had spiraled into tragedy when tensions flared after the bus ride. According to eyewitness Chevanice Thomas, who knew the victim, “He gave her the flowers and she threw them away. Her friends all dispersed when she went down. After that, the boy apparently stabbed her, blood gushing out, and the police put pressure on it. She died on the spot.”

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The suspect, armed with a weapon described by witnesses as “as big as a sword,” fled the scene, prompting brave passengers who had witnessed the horrific incident to chase after him. Remarkably, just 75 minutes after the attack, law enforcement officers apprehended the 17-year-old suspect in nearby New Addington at 9:45 am. Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Andy Brittain has confirmed that the police are not seeking any additional suspects in connection with this shocking incident.

James Watkins, a witness at the scene, reported that Eliyanna’s devastated family arrived at the scene, but tragically, she had already succumbed to her injuries. “They were unable to say goodbye,” he stated, highlighting the heart-wrenching loss experienced by her loved ones.

The Croydon community is left in mourning, grappling with the senselessness of this brutal attack that claimed the life of a heroic 15-year-old girl who courageously stepped in to protect her friend. Eliyanna Andam’s memory will undoubtedly live on as a symbol of bravery and selflessness in the face of violence and tragedy.

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