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‘Blade Runner’ Hailed a Hero for Disrupting ULEZ Enforcement with Bold Tactics

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An anonymous activist, dubbed the ‘Blade Runner,’ has gained widespread acclaim online for a daring maneuver aimed at disrupting the enforcement of London’s controversial Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

In a recent incident, this individual creatively obstructed an enforcement van equipped with a mobile camera, effectively impeding its ability to catch motorists violating the ULEZ regulations.

According to a report by Daily Mail UK, on Tuesday, 26 September, 2023, The incident unfolded as the activist, driving a red Renault Captur, strategically positioned their vehicle directly behind the enforcement van in London.

To further obscure the camera’s view, they opened their car boot, as if signaling the need for roadside assistance. Simultaneously, they placed a warning triangle on the ground.

The clever positioning of the Renault Captur behind the automatic number plate camera atop the enforcement van rendered it incapable of capturing the license plates of ULEZ rule-breakers. This tactical maneuver has garnered praise from supporters of the anti-ULEZ movement.

The ULEZ, introduced by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, imposes a charge of £12.50 per day on drivers of older vehicles entering the city. It recently expanded to cover the entire Greater London area, sparking outrage among some residents and commuters.

The ‘Blade Runners,’ a group of ULEZ opponents, have escalated their efforts to challenge the scheme.

Their actions have included tearing down, vandalizing, and stealing ULEZ cameras across the capital. In response to these incidents, Mayor Khan deployed a fleet of enforcement vehicles to capture those flouting the ULEZ rules.

However, these enforcement vans have now become targets themselves, with activists resorting to vandalism and tire deflation.

The ‘Blade Runners’ have also resorted to strategically boxing in the enforcement vehicles using larger vans, effectively blocking the cameras’ view of the road.

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put out of use by opponents of the scheme, these recent tactics by the ‘Blade Runners’ signal an ongoing battle between activists and authorities over the ULEZ regulations and the methods used to enforce them.

Earlier, footage emerged showing ULEZ enforcement vehicles vandalized, with graffiti sprayed on them and their tires deflated. In some instances, the vehicles were entirely concealed under large blue bags, covering them down to the wheels

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