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Princess Anne Snubbed After SNP Deputy Leader Shona Robison Arrives 40 Minutes Late

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Princess Anne was left waiting for 40 minutes at an official event at a Scottish port after SNP deputy leader Shona Robison arrived late. The incident has been branded “disrespectful” by some, and has raised tensions between the royal family and the Scottish National Party (SNP).

Robison was attending the opening of the expanded Aberdeen Harbour on behalf of the Scottish Government. However, she was delayed due to “urgent government business.”

When Robison eventually arrived, she did not apologize to Princess Anne or the other guests for her lateness. She also failed to thank Princess Anne for attending the event.

The incident has been widely criticized, with many people accusing Robison of disrespecting Princess Anne and the royal family. Some have also suggested that the incident is a sign of the SNP’s growing hostility to the monarchy.

The SNP has defended Robison, saying that she had a good reason for being late and that she had apologized to the organizers of the event. However, the incident has damaged the SNP’s reputation and has further strained relations between the SNP and the royal family.

The incident between Princess Anne and Shona Robison is significant for a number of reasons. First, it highlights the growing tensions between the royal family and the SNP. The SNP is a pro-independence party, and it has been increasingly critical of the monarchy in recent years.

Second, the incident has raised questions about the SNP’s commitment to respecting the royal family. The SNP is the governing party in Scotland, and its deputy leader is a senior figure in the Scottish Government. The fact that Robison was late for an official event involving the royal family is seen by many as a sign of disrespect.

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Third, the incident has damaged the SNP’s reputation. The SNP has been praised for its commitment to equality and inclusion. However, the fact that Robison did not apologize for being late or thank Princess Anne for attending the event has been seen by many as rude and disrespectful.

The incident between Princess Anne and Shona Robison is a reminder of the deep political and cultural divisions in Scotland. It is also a reminder of the importance of respect and diplomacy, particularly when dealing with sensitive issues such as the monarchy.

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