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This Little Girl Was Beaten Mercilessly By Her Own Father And Her Face Deformed

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Twitter woke up to a busy trend of the little angel on the pictures of the photos of the child who allegedly suffered on the hands on her own father.

The child was said to have visited her father, this was within the knowledge of the mother and guardian who later regrated to recover her child in hospital.

The young angel on the photos, innocently revealed what transpired to her in a video taken by her mother asking her who did this to her, she confessed that the father did this to her and he did not even bother to save or even make an attempt to help her afterwards, in her breaking words, she says “he beat me and said, you (the mother) would care for me”.

According to the mother, the father had since been arrested and we are hoping to cover the outcome in the next coming days as the horrific story develops.

The good news is the little angel is getting better and home to the warm hands of her mother.

There is always something to learn here, evil is never from far, take care of the young ones and notice every Parten as not all molestations are evident.

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