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Police thought disabled woman is a killer, they wheeled her to the judge and ‘she said these 5 chilling words

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Police thought disabled woman is a killer, they wheeled her to the judge and ‘she said these 5 chilling words

The court documents indicate that a 50-year-old woman named Asenka, who has a disability, has been formally accused of committing murder by allegedly taking her mother’s life.

The lady appeared in court with an unusual request for the judge. According to reports, Asenka was accused of killing her 75-year-old mother at their shared home and burying her in the backyard.

She arrived at court in a wheelchair and asked for something surprising. Among those who talked about this incident, one person said, “Give her what she’s asking for.”

Reportedly, the 50-year-old woman said, “I want the death penalty, by lethal injection, please. The court doesn’t want me alive, and neither do I.” She had previously told investigators that her mother, Carole, had physically abused her over the years. During a fight the previous week, she punched her mother in the head, leading to her mother’s death.

Afterward, she spent the day digging a grave but stopped when she got tired. Later, she went to a neighbor’s house to report her mother’s death, and the neighbor called 911 for a welfare check. When the police arrived, they found the victim’s body in the bedroom and a deep hole in the ground.

Police checked Asenka’s phone and found photos taken after her mother’s death, showing injuries to her hands and arms from the alleged fight. Prosecutors mentioned that the victim had obtained a restraining order against Asenka the previous year, but it was dropped when they didn’t appear in court.

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Asenka’s lawyer argued that his client was afraid of her mother due to the alleged abuse, but a friend of the victim described the older woman as petite and mentioned her daughter’s mental health problems.

Among those commenting on the murder case, one person said, “Give her what she wants. I know they can do it quickly because years ago, a man who had killed and abused two boys asked to be hanged, and he was executed within a year.”

Another commenter added, “It’s nice of her to tell the court what she wants. Her mother didn’t have a choice, and I’m sure she didn’t want to be murdered.

Let her suffer in prison for the rest of her life.” One commenter agreed, saying, “That’s too easy! Let her endure the consequences of her actions for the rest of her life. I suspect the wheelchair is just for show!”

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