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Man Removed Woman’s Head’ and Had His way with Her Body, Then Things went From Bad to Worse

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Man ‘removed woman’s head’ and had his way with her body, then things went from bad to worse!

According to the court documents, the man shared details of his rampage that stunned the whole world. He has been imprisoned following his confessed murders of married women. He also is standing trial for three more murders in his home country.

His name is Bakhyiyor and he told prosecutors that he went on his rampage after a woman he was in love with cheated on him with another man. The 49-year-old man reportedly murdered women in three countries over three weeks as a way to get revenge on the lover who cheated on him.

During an interview with investigators, he reportedly admitted that he ra-ed his victims after he killed them, attacking their corpses. He even de-apitated one of his victims before ra-ing her body. Police have released footage of Matyakubov confessing to his violent and twisted crimes.

The man from Uzbekistan earned the nickname the “maniac in white gloves,” because he wore those gloves while killing and ra-ing his victims. Previously jailed for robbery, he said that he killed innocent women to get revenge on the women who cheated on him.

The murderous rampage occurred over a period of weeks as he flew from country to country, seeking out victims to murder and rape. In one case, he has been accused of killing and raping two women in the same day. The final victim of his spree was 26-year-old Yulia, saleswoman who he stabbed twenty times before he stole something from her shop. “It was my birthday, and I wanted to please myself,” he told the investigators. He targeted women whom he did not find to be chaste or honest. That’s why he killed the woman behind the desk at the shop.

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His first victim was 36-year-old real estate agent Anpilova. “She was so pretty and all alone,” he said. He offered her a drive, and she told him about her family. “I just got mad. A married woman walking down the street alone at night. I took her out of the city, pulled her out of the car and hit her several times with a knife. She fell like a doll, and somehow I felt better in my soul.

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