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Hundreds of Humans Who Identify as Dogs Gather To Advocate For Their Rights (Video)

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A British activist named Paul Golding recently made an interesting claim on Twitter. According to him, something out of the ordinary is happening at a train station in Berlin. He says that hundreds of people, who consider themselves to be like dogs, have come together at this station. They’re there to stand up for the rights of people who identify as dogs.

This unusual gathering has caught the attention of many on social media. Golding’s tweet said, “Hundreds of humans who identify as dogs gather at a Berlin train station to advocate for the rights of people who identify as dogs.”

We don’t have a lot of details about what exactly is going on at this event. It’s making us think about questions related to how people express themselves and what rights they should have. This movement seems connected to discussions about gender identity and rights, but it’s unique because it’s about people identifying as animals.

What rights these individuals are asking for or if they want to work with or separately from other movements like LGBTQ+ rights and animal rights. People online have different opinions about this. Some think that everyone should have the right to identify however they want, while others are wondering about the meaning and consequences of identifying as an animal.

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