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XL Bully Attack: The Breed is Not The Problem- Dog Behaviorist Slam Proposed Ban

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The rise in dog attacks involving XL Bully breeds has sparked a debate on whether to ban these dogs or not. However, a dog behavior expert, Hannah Johnson, has challenged the idea of banning these dogs and argues that the real problem lies with the owners.

In recent discussions, Hannah Johnson insisted that the issue is not specific to this breed but is instead a problem with how these dogs are raised and treated. According to Johnson, “XL Bully dogs are not inherently dangerous because of their genetics. Any dog, regardless of breed, can become aggressive if it’s not trained and treated properly.”

Johnson stressed that traumatizing a dog can increase its chances of becoming aggressive, regardless of its breed. Instead of banning XL Bullies, she suggests focusing on educating dog owners and promoting responsible ownership.

The debate also considered the fact that while XL Bully breeds have been involved in high-profile attacks, other factors contribute to these incidents. Johnson pointed out that inconsistent data collection on dog bites makes it difficult to draw conclusions about breed-related risks. John Smith, who advocates for consistent data collection on dog bites, added, “Our data collection methods need to be standardized to accurately assess breed-related risks.

Over the years, XL Bully breeds have gained popularity, but Johnson mentioned that other breeds have faced similar scrutiny in the past. “Thirty years ago, it was Rottweilers. Focusing on specific breeds doesn’t address the root problem,” she argued.

Johnson and Smith both agree that the key to preventing dog attacks is not banning specific breeds but rather educating owners and promoting responsible dog ownership. Smith added, “We should consider educating owners and potentially preventing certain individuals from owning dogs rather than singling out specific breeds.

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As the debate on XL Bully dog attacks continues, experts seem to be leaning toward a more comprehensive approach, emphasizing responsible ownership and education as vital steps to address the issue.

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