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Man Who Accidentally Burned His Wife Leaves Her, Says He Has Nothing To Apologize For

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On September, in Tallapoosa, Georgia, a woman named Courtney Waldon was involved in a horrific campfire accident when she turned 27-years-old, giving her severe burns.

Her husband had lit the fire himself, but the flames shot up unexpectedly, in Courtney’s direction

Her burns covered at least 40% of her body. Courtney stayed in the ICU Burn Unit, for a period of 51 days – and underwent 7 skin grafting surgeries.

Unfortunately for her, she needed at least 12 more procedures – and this was taking a toll on her family’s finances.

After Courtney was released from the ICU, her husband announced to her that he would like a divorce, leaving her alone with their 4-year-old daughter, Caroline.

With severe medical bills to pay and no income, Courtney and her daughter were left homeless.

Luckily for the mother-daughter duo, local residents and members of the church has a special surprise for them – and it would change their lives forever.

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