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French Boats Are Escorting Migrants To UK Waters (Video)

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Near the busy port of Dover, in the English Channel, a French rescue boat was seen following an inflatable boat carrying about 20 people who were heading towards British waters, ensuring their safety. This year, more than 20,000 migrants have attempted the dangerous crossing in small boats due to good weather, making it the busiest year for such attempts in 2023. It is expected that this number will continue to grow with continued good weather in the forecast.

A TV correspondent named Victoria Innes decided to investigate what happens in this significant stretch of sea between Dover and Calais. She spent a day in these choppy waters to find out more. As they ventured a mile off the coast of Dover, they could see the cliffs and slightly windy conditions.

Despite being in Autumn, the UK experienced extremely high temperatures, making it easier for migrants to attempt the journey. Border Force was on alert for an increase in people crossing, and GPS systems on board indicated the presence of escort vessels.

The team continued further into the English Channel and soon encountered one of the French vessels they were looking for. They spotted a small dinghy carrying migrants trying to make the dangerous crossing, sailing alongside a large ship. The migrants, around 10 to 15 of them, were wearing orange life jackets and were calmly seated in the overcrowded dinghy. A French rescue boat was escorting them through French waters to British waters, where they would be picked up by the UK Border Force.

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Despite a £480 million deal between Britain and France to address Channel crossings, the team observed that French ships were safely guiding people to British waters, where UK authorities would take over. As they got closer to British waters, another Border Force boat arrived to collect the migrants from the dinghy. The French patrol boat began its journey back home, while the UK Border Force took charge of the migrants.

The team observed at least four more small boats crossing the Channel during their time there, as GPS indicated their presence. With warm weather continuing, the issue of Channel crossings remains a challenge for the UK government, despite their efforts to stop the boats.

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