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This Man Asked a Lady Out And She Told Him She Has a Boyfriend, His Next Move Landed Him In a Mess

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He met the lady near where she works and where her child plays, but she told him many times to stop. The court heard that she felt very nervous and upset when she saw Jones.

Jones, who is 37 years old and lives on High Street in Llanberis, admitted that he was bothering the lady and making her very upset between December 2021 and November 2022. He was sent to jail for 42 weeks.

The prosecutor, Oliver King, said that Jones once saw the lady at their gym in Bangor and said “wow” before telling her that he wanted to take her apart because every part of her was perfect.

In January last year, he sent her a message online saying she was very beautiful and took his breath away. Things were quiet for a while, but on March 4th, he saw her in a parking lot and told her he wasn’t crazy. She secretly recorded their conversation on her phone and told him she had a boyfriend.

Later, she realized that she had never told him where she worked, so he must have found out on his own. This made her very scared. In March, she was at a children’s play area, and Jones showed up with his own child. She took a picture of him and gave it to the police.

On April 4th, he sent her another message saying she gave him a strange feeling over his body, but it made her uncomfortable and scared. Then in June, he told her he wanted her to be a poster girl for the gym, but she said she wasn’t interested and had a boyfriend. In July, she wrote in capital letters, “DO NOT MESSAGE ME AGAIN.”

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Mr. King said that Jones stopped bothering her for a while, but in September, he messaged her again, saying he had been thinking about her every day since the previous December. He said she was his dream girl, and other people told him they were perfect for each other.

Finally, the woman contacted the police. She said she felt like a “deer in headlights” whenever she saw him coming. She was very scared at her own home and got anxious when she heard noises at night.

Jones was arrested by the police on September 30th last year. He admitted sending the messages and said his behavior was too much. He also admitted getting a tattoo with their initials on it and approaching her on purpose twice, but he said the encounter at the play center was a coincidence.

Matthew Dunford, who defended Jones, said his client felt really bad about how he had affected the person. He hadn’t hidden who he was, and he didn’t contact her again after she went to the police.

However, the judge, His Honour Timothy Petts, told Jones that he kept messaging the person even when she told him to stop. The judge thought that Jones was inexperienced with women, but he said that even without much experience, it’s clear that when someone asks you to stop contacting them, you should stop.

The judge believed that Jones was a risk to the public. He said Jones had not followed court orders in the past, so he needed to go to jail. The judge also issued a restraining order that prevents Jones from approaching or contacting the person for 15 years.

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