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6-Year-Old Starts Jumping For Joy After Foster Parents Gives Him The Biggest Surprise Of His Life – “I’m Adopted!?”

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The journey of children in the foster care system is often filled with long and challenging roads before they can finally find secure and safe homes.

As a result, the moment they are finally adopted becomes an even more joyous occasion. One such moment was captured on camera by the foster parents of 6-year-old Harvey, who had been lovingly caring for him since he was just 2 years old.

In the touching scene, Harvey’s dad presented him with a specially made sign that had his name on it, along with the heartwarming message “forever ours.” At first, little Harvey didn’t fully comprehend the significance of the sign, however, his dad soon made everything clear with the words he had longed to hear: “How about… Harvey is officially adopted!”

Harvey’s eyes grew wide with excitement. He could hardly believe what he was told and went on to ask “I’m adopted!?” three more times. He even made sure to confirm that this means he gets to stay with them at their home forever. Once reality hit him, Harvey began to, quite literally, jump for joy. What an absolutely heartwarming moment!

Watch Harvey’s pure joy in the video below.

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