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This Guy Found A Mysterious Box In The Snow Nothing Could Have Prepared Him For What Was In It

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A father and son were driving home from work when they spotted something so camouflaged it was as if they were meant to stumble upon it.

There had been complaints of snow blocking a road near their home and near the area they went to check out. When they found a little white box with some tracks around it, they decided to investigate. This is what they found:

They found a box someone had obviously placed here on purpose. It was as if it was placed under branches to keep the top on. The box was white, and in the snow, this was seemingly impossible to see from the road.

Their hearts broke when they peered inside and saw a small cat who was obviously freezing and sick. There were two small bowls of food and a frozen blanket. With a closer look, they found not one but two small cats inside. All they could think was, who would do this to innocent animals?

The next two pictures give you some perspective. This road has no houses or anything around it; it’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s crazy to think that this little white box was spotted by someone driving by. Here’s the view from the car, and you can see how hidden the little box was.

They brought the kittens home and are starting to nurse them back to health. This cat was the one in the back of the box who was visibly more healthy than his little buddy. If the cats are separated at all, they continuously meow with distress.

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The poor little guys are terrified without each other. The poor cat in the front of the box seems like he needs a lot more help than his buddy. They’re sure lucky they were found, and we hope they’ll pull through.

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