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Woman feared for her life as man forced her to marry him so he could get a UK passport

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A man was found guilty and sent to jail for four years and six months for making a woman marry him against her will. This is the first time Bedfordshire Police in the UK has convicted someone for a forced marriage.

The man, Kulbir Singh Moroak, hurt the woman physically, with words, and emotionally. He was found guilty of many things, like making her do things she didn’t want to, hurting her, and strangling her on purpose.

Forced marriages are really bad. They make people get married even when they don’t want to because they’re scared or being forced. Moroak wanted to stay in the UK, so he hurt the woman to try to make her help him stay. He did bad things and scared the woman for a long time.

The woman went through a lot, but her friends told the police what was happening in November of the year before. Even though she was scared to talk, the police team that deals with people being hurt at home stayed in touch and helped her. The situation got worse when Moroak hurt her again. She got help from the police and told them about the attack after he was arrested.

The woman said she felt safer when the police got involved. She was really scared that Moroak would kill her if she didn’t do what he wanted. It’s hard for people who are forced to marry to ask for help, so her speaking up is important.

The judge in charge of the case said the woman was telling the truth. She was made to marry and hurt, and most of the time, the man threatened and hurt her. Moroak was found guilty of a lot of things, like forcing her to marry, hurting her, and strangling her. On August 25, he was told he would spend four years and six months in prison, and he can’t go near the woman for 10 years.

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A police officer named Chloe Plowman from Bedfordshire Police talked about how brave the woman was for telling her story even when it was hard. Plowman said it’s important to help people who are hurt at home and tell them to talk about it. Forced marriage is really bad, and people need special help to stop it. Survivors need to know they can take action against the people who hurt them.

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