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Man Allegedly Cooked Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog And Served It To Her As Dinner

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In California, a man named Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh had a really hard time when his girlfriend broke up with him. He couldn’t accept that they weren’t together anymore.

Instead of handling things in a good way, Ryan started doing some very bad things. He followed his ex-girlfriend around, hurt her physically, and even said scary things to her.

At one point, they decided to give their relationship another try. During this time, Ryan wanted to say sorry and cooked a special meal for his ex-girlfriend to make things better. But this second chance didn’t last long, and they broke up again.

What’s even worse is that around the same time they got back together, the woman’s little Pomeranian dog, Bear, went missing. That was really sad for her.

The situation took a really disturbing turn when, after cooking this special dinner, Ryan called his ex-girlfriend and said something incredibly cruel. He claimed that the meal he had made for her had meat from her missing dog, Bear.

Just imagine how terrible this must have been for the woman. This whole situation is truly heartbreaking and has shocked the community.

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