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Asylum Seeker Laugh And Records His Journey Across the Channel To The UK In a Tiktok Video

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TalkTV presenter has drawn attention to a TikTok video that showcases an asylum seeker’s journey across the perilous English Channel to reach the UK.

The individual in the video, believed to be of Afghan nationality, documents his train travels through France before embarking on a harrowing sea voyage with other migrants.

The video concludes with the asylum seeker and a companion appearing relaxed in what seems to be comfortable accommodation, possibly one of the 400 UK migrant hotels, which are currently hosting up to 50,000 asylum seekers at a staggering daily cost of £6 million.

The emergence of such videos on social media platforms like TikTok is sparking concerns, as they appear to glamorize the dangerous journey and potentially encourage more people to undertake it. Already, over eighteen thousand migrants have made this perilous journey this year alone, and videos like this only add to the demand for human smugglers and small boat crossings.

The TalkTV presenter voiced her concerns about these videos, stating, “I mean, these videos make my blood boil. They are basically adverts for more people to come over. They are adverts for people who do not need to make this journey.” She also highlighted the significant support asylum seekers receive upon reaching the UK, regardless of the genuineness of their claims.

The presenter revealed that she and her colleague have investigated the guidance given to caseworkers responsible for assessing asylum claims. She expressed astonishment at the guidance, which seemingly leans toward approving claims, even if they are suspected to be dishonest. She stated, “I mean this stuff is absolutely sending us a bit more. How else is it tilted to a yes?”

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According to the presenter, one concerning aspect is that caseworkers are instructed not to adopt a position of skepticism when conducting interviews with asylum seekers. Additionally, many of these interviews are conducted via Zoom, which raises doubts about the authenticity of the applicants on the other end of the camera. The TikTok video’s potential impact on public sentiment is also a matter of concern.

The presenter worried that it might further polarize the immigration debate and intensify anger among the public. While recognizing the need to address the backlog of asylum applications, the presenter emphasized the importance of distinguishing between genuine need and mere desire to migrate.

She called for a fair, reasonable, and efficient processing system to handle asylum claims promptly.

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