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Lucy Letby Is Truly Evil Piece of Garbage And Must Be Sentence To Life Imprisonments-  Peter Bleksley Reacts To Baby Killer Verdict Lucy

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In an interview with Talk TV, Peter Bleksley shared his reaction to the verdict of Lucy Letby, who was accused of being a baby killer.

He expressed strong condemnation, labeling her as a “.” Bleksley pointed out that when a new baby enters one’s life, it usually brings immense joy. However, the level of depravity and wickedness displayed by Lucy Letby is unprecedented. He noted that her actions far surpass even those of Beverly Alec, who had committed similar crimes in terms of numbers.

Letby’s sentencing, scheduled for Monday, is expected to be time-consuming due to the numerous charges against her. Bleksley firmly stated that she will undoubtedly receive a whole life tariff, indicating that there’s no doubt about the severity of her punishment.

He highlighted Letby’s attempts to cover her tracks by denying the accusations from the start and maintaining a web of lies throughout the entire case. She continued to deceive and practice deceit even after her guilty verdict was delivered.

Bleksley praised the police officers and detectives for their dedication in gathering evidence and supporting the victims.

He also commended the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the prosecuting team for presenting a wealth of evidence in court over a seven-month period. The jury, which deliberated for four weeks before reaching a verdict, also earned his respect and admiration for their diligent work. Peter Bleksley, a former Metropolitan Police detective, extended his gratitude to all those involved in the case.

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