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Babies Would Have Been Saved If The Hospital Listen To Me Early -doctor who helped catch child-killer Lucy Letby speak Out

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Dr. Ravi Jayaram, a pediatrician who assisted in the capture of child murderer Lucy Letby, firmly believes that the deaths of infants could have been prevented if hospital management had taken prompt action. Dr. Jayaram, employed at the Countess of Chester Hospital, had already informed hospital authorities of Letby’s heinous acts several months before the police were contacted.

During an interview with ITV News, he shared that hospital executives instructed him to ignore his suspicions and apologize to Letby for accusing her. It wasn’t until almost two years after the first baby deaths that the police became involved. Dr. Jayaram believes that four or five babies who died could have been saved. Initial concerns arose in June 2015 when three babies passed away. As more babies faced severe health problems, hospital consultants held several meetings with executives to express their concerns about Letby.

In one meeting’s minutes seen by ITV News, doctors were advised to close the matter and apologize to Letby for alleged victimization. Dr. Jayaram claimed that the then-CEO Tony Chambers declared the issue closed and warned against further action.

When doctors suggested involving the police, hospital executives cautioned that it would damage the hospital’s reputation. Letby was eventually moved from her unit, but she filed a grievance against the hospital, which concluded that the doctors’ comments were baseless.

Doctors were pressured to apologize to Letby, assuring her of their focus on patient safety. Dr. Jayaram was asked to mediate with Letby even though he still suspected her. Eventually, in April 2017, the hospital allowed doctors to speak with the police, leading to an investigation and Letby’s eventual arrest.

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Dr. Jayaram is advocating for a public inquiry into the hospital’s delay in contacting the police and the establishment of a watchdog to hold NHS managers accountable for misconduct.

Former hospital CEO Tony Chambers denied instructing doctors to “draw a line” under their suspicions of Letby. He also stated that consultants were free to contact the police at any time.

Dr. Nigel Scawn, Executive Medical Director at the hospital, expressed deep sorrow for Letby’s crimes and the hospital’s commitment to support affected families and staff. He assured the public of the quality of care provided by the hospital since the incidents involving Letby.

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