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Illegal Immigrants Are Mocking Us Openly On TikTok While Crossing the English Channel With Boat Coming To Uk- Nigel Farade (Video)

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Gbnews presenter Nigel Farage shared concerning insights about people smugglers’ actions on social media platform TikTok. Farage expressed that he observed a group of young men, with no women or children, preparing to cross the English Channel.

These individuals had reportedly paid a trafficker a substantial amount of money to aid in their journey.

Farage stated that these young men seemed upbeat and cheerful as they embarked on their voyage, even capturing their journey on TikTok with thumbs up and smiles. Farage further noted that attempts to remove such content from social media platforms have been unsuccessful, as new accounts quickly appear to promote illegal activities.

These posts often portray the UK as an easy and safe destination, downplaying the risks involved. Farage emphasized his belief that these actions amount to mockery, as they openly defy immigration laws and regulations.

He questioned the portrayal of these individuals as desperate and suffering, pointing out that their demeanor in the videos did not necessarily reflect such a narrative. With over a hundred thousand young men involved in such activities, Farage expressed frustration and concern over the situation.

He also commented on the Home Office’s projection that these activities might continue for several more years. Farage called for a discussion on the matter and sought others’ opinions on the ongoing issue.

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