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“We’re Angry and Feel Cheated!” | Dr. Susan Phoenix Criticizes Bibby Stockholm Before Migrants Arrive on Barge

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Dr. Susan Phoenix, a leader in the “No to the Barge” campaign, is upset about migrants coming to the Bibby Stockholm barge.

This ship will soon have around 500 male asylum seekers, and it’s caused a big argument in the local area. Dr. Phoenix is speaking out for many who believe their concerns are being ignored.

In an interview, Dr. Phoenix criticized how the government is handling this. She said they’re cheating the community by putting the migrants on the barge without making sure there are enough things like roads and help available.

She talked about how difficult it could be for firefighters and ambulances to reach the barge, and she’s worried about safety.

Dr. Phoenix is also upset because she thinks the government isn’t listening to the people who know better, like the firefighters. She’s worried that the migrants might have trouble understanding each other because they speak different languages, and that could be a problem in emergencies.

Beyond safety worries, Dr. Phoenix thinks this could also hurt the local area’s money and jobs. She thinks too many migrants could make it hard for everyone to get medical care, and it might affect tourism, which is how people make money in the area.

Dr. Phoenix’s words show that many people are angry about how this decision was made. As the barge gets ready for the migrants, the argument between people who support and don’t support this plan is getting worse.

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