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“They LACK Loyalty!” – Kinsey Schofield Slams Prince Harry And Meghan For ‘Ignoring’ Writers Strikes

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“They LACK Loyalty!” – Kinsey Schofield Slams Prince Harry And Meghan For ‘Ignoring’ Writers Strikes

During an interview with G Renowned media personality Kinsey Schofield has unleashed a harshly review of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, accusing the royal couple of displaying a distinct lack of loyalty by forging ahead with their latest project despite ongoing writer’s strikes in Hollywood.

Schofield’s criticism stems from the couple’s recent announcement of their involvement in adapting the popular book “Meet Me at the Lake” into a Netflix series. While the project’s potential is undeniable, with its themes of romance, trauma, and paralleling aspects of Harry and Meghan’s own lives, Schofield takes issue with their timing.

With the entertainment industry is currently facing a writer’s strike that has brought about significant disruptions. Schofield believes that the couple’s decision to move forward disregards the struggles and concerns of writers and creators. She notes that their actions disrupt the solidarity sought by writers on picket lines who are tackling various issues within the industry.

Schofield’s criticism goes beyond this. She looks into the couple’s history, highlighting instances of disloyalty. For example, Megan’s past as a SAG member and her exclusive interview with CBS after stepping back from royal duties. She questions the couple’s intentions, wondering if their primary goal is to pursue financial opportunities rather than engaging in meaningful and loyal relationships within the industry. Additionally, she raises concerns about the couple’s connection to Netflix, particularly regarding the recent controversy surrounding the portrayal of Princess Diana’s death in “The Crown.”

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In these uncertain times within the entertainment industry, Schofield’s criticism resonates with those who believe that support and solidarity for fellow industry members should take precedence over personal pursuits. As the royal couple continues their Hollywood venture, Schofield’s words serve as a reminder that loyalty and consideration for the wider industry are qualities that should not be overlooked.

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