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Police Officers Fight With Man And Taser Him After He Punched a Female Officer in The Head Repeatedly

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On Friday evening (August 4), there was a disturbance on Devons Road in Bow, East London. The Metropolitan Police were called to the scene where a female police officer was allegedly punched repeatedly in the head. One of the men involved in the disturbance got into a vehicle, and another man approached him, leading to a verbal altercation between the two. The police intervened, and the situation resulted in the use of a Taser on one of the men.

According to the Met Police, two men were involved in an altercation that required officers to intervene. During the altercation, one of the men allegedly punched a female officer in the head multiple times. The officers were able to subdue the man by using a Taser and he was subsequently handcuffed and arrested. However, during the arrest, another female officer was also assaulted.

A TikTok video of the incident shows two female officers standing in the road while two men are on the ground and four other men are standing nearby, along with one woman.

A man is on the ground beside a police officer who is holding a used Taser. Amidst a lot of noise and shouting from both the officers and the men, it is difficult to discern what is being said. According to a report shared by Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch, the incident occurred in front of several onlookers who were either filming on their mobile devices or openly hostile, yelling derogatory comments towards the officers as they performed their duties.

It has been reported that the officers involved in the incident did not suffer any major injuries, and it is believed that the incident was an isolated one. Videos of the scene have been examined by the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards, who have determined that the use of force was appropriate given the circumstances. As a result, no instances of misconduct were identified.

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