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Meghan and Harry are ‘TOXIC to the Royal Family| Kinsey Schofield on King Charles Snub

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been excluded from events honoring the late Queen’s death anniversary. A Royal Family expert, Kinsey Schofield, called the couple “toxic” due to their behavior in recent years.

They have been involved in controversies and public remarks that caused trouble for the Royal Family, especially during Queen Elizabeth’s last years. King Charles decided not to invite them to avoid creating more drama during the memorial events.

Recently, Meghan celebrated her birthday in California, but rumors suggest problems in their marriage. Observers noticed changes in their behavior towards each other in public. Some believe Harry and Meghan are drifting away from their royal duties to pursue individual ambitions.

The expert mentioned a book that may contain damaging information about Harry’s father and brother. She also criticized the couple for not taking responsibility for their actions and always blaming others.

The decision to snub them from the events shows that the Royal Family is not happy with their behavior. It remains uncertain how their relationship with the monarchy will unfold in the future.

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