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War Hero Challenges Prince Harry’s Claims About Media Coverage of Wounded Troops

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A double amputee war hero, who played a significant role in inspiring Prince Harry’s Invictus Games, has openly disagreed with the Duke’s assertion that the British press neglected to cover the plight of injured soldiers, as reported by Daily Mail on Thursday, August 31, 2023.

Former Royal Marine Ben McBean, 36, who lost an arm and a leg in a tragic landmine explosion in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province in 2008, has expressed his disagreement with Prince Harry’s recent claims.

The Duke’s comments were made during his new Netflix series titled ‘Heart Of Invictus,’ a documentary shedding light on the challenges faced by injured veterans.

In the documentary, Prince Harry voiced his frustration at what he perceived as a lack of media attention given to wounded British troops returning from Afghanistan.

He expressed his anger over what he felt was the media’s disregard for these soldiers’ sacrifices.

However, Ben McBean took to Twitter to express a differing perspective, stating, ‘Still love Harry but again I have to disagree. Not sure what media he’s on about but I know the British media did cover veterans for years.’

Former Royal Marine Ben McBean who lost an arm and a leg pictured meeting Prince Harry in 2009. Photo: SWNS.

McBean’s perspective is not isolated, as other military commanders and senior veterans have also come forward to express their criticism of the Duke’s comments.

Among them, SAS hero Andy McNab dismissed the claims made by Prince Harry, labeling them as ‘offensive and rubbish.’ McNab’s statement reflects the sentiment that many military heroes and veterans share, with an increasing number reportedly distancing themselves from the Duke.

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The debate highlights the complex nature of media coverage in the context of military service and sacrifice.

While Prince Harry’s intention may have been to shed light on a perceived issue, the response from individuals like Ben McBean and Andy McNab underscores the importance of acknowledging the significant media attention that wounded soldiers have indeed received over the years.

The UK media has regularly featured front-page stories and special features dedicated to the stories of injured soldiers and the sacrifices they’ve made for their country.

This clash of perspectives also draws attention to the evolving dynamics of Prince Harry’s relationship with the military community.

Once hailed as a beloved figure among veterans and wounded soldiers due to his own service and advocacy for their well-being, the Duke’s recent comments have triggered a shift in sentiment.

The discourse surrounding media coverage has inadvertently led to a reevaluation of the Duke’s role and influence within this community.

In conclusion, the disagreement expressed by Ben McBean and other military figures with Prince Harry’s claims regarding media coverage of wounded troops highlights the complexity of the issue.

Media attention towards injured soldiers has been notable and consistent, contradicting the narrative presented in the ‘Heart Of Invictus’ series.

This ongoing debate serves as a reminder of the importance of acknowledging diverse perspectives and the need for open dialogue in addressing complex matters like media portrayal and military recognition.

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