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Moment mother and stepfather were arrested for murdering his partner’s 10-month-old son in a vicious attack (Video)

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A mother and her stepfather have been arrested on suspicion of murdering their 10-month-old son, following a distressing 999 call made by the couple. The incident has prompted a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the infant’s tragic demise.

During the recorded 999 call, emotional voices can be heard as the emergency operator tries to console the grieving mother, urging her to cooperate for a swift and effective investigation. The call reveals that the baby had been facing difficulties while eating the previous night, and the concerned parents had put him to bed after several check-ins.

The mother recalls that her partner had last checked on the baby at 5 o’clock, assuring her that everything was fine. However, when she went to check on him later, she discovered the unimaginable – her precious child was lifeless and cold.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are determined to find out what happened to the young child and ensure justice is served. The grieving family and the community are left in shock and disbelief over the sudden and tragic loss.

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