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Shocking Incident: People Smuggler Throws Migrants Overboard During Brawl on Dinghy Bound for Britain

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In a very alarming incident, a smuggler threw at least twelve migrants into the sea after a fight broke out on a small boat heading for Britain. The boat left a beach in northern France last month. Some of the people thrown overboard were young women. The fight started because the boat was too crowded, and during the chaos, at least 12 people fell into the water.

Luckily, all the migrants were wearing life jackets, and they were saved by French emergency services on jet skis and small boats. They were found about one to two miles from the French coast. Thankfully, none of them got too cold, and they were taken back to France. They got treatment for minor injuries and were later let go.

A person who was on the boat during the fight said that the smugglers had put too many people on the boat, which caused the argument. “People started hitting each other. The captain was worried that the boat might tip over if the fighting continued, so he threw the troublemakers into the sea,” the witness said, showing how dangerous and heartless the smugglers can be.

This incident shows the dangers that migrants face when trying to cross the English Channel on overcrowded boats. The smugglers use larger boats to make more money, but these boats are not safe. Officials have found boats designed for 20 people carrying double that number, making the journey even more dangerous.

The use of cheap materials like “bouncy castle plastic” raises concerns about the safety of these boats, especially in rough waters. Delays in transferring migrants to a barge in Dorset, called Bibby Stockholm, have made managing the migrant crisis even harder.

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This terrible incident reminds us of the tough conditions migrants endure and the urgent need to stop people smuggling and protect those trying to find a better life in Britain. Authorities are working hard to prevent more tragedies and hold those responsible for risking lives accountable.

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