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It’s shocking: Henry Bolton OBE Reacts To Immigrants Seeking Asylum To Stay In UK

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Henry Bolton OBE, a prominent figure in British politics, has voiced his deep concern over the potential risks associated with a “migrant barge” and has drawn alarming comparisons to the tragic Grenfell Tower fire.

Bolton’s reaction comes amidst the delayed processing of asylum seekers on the vessel Bibi Stockholm, where the Home Office’s poor planning and preparation have raised serious safety questions. The fear of a ‘floating Grenfell’ scenario refers to the possibility of a similar disaster at sea, where evacuation procedures and fire safety measures could be compromised.

Drawing attention to the situation, Bolton emphasizes the critical issue of fire inspections and the need to ensure the accommodation provided to asylum seekers is adequately fireproof. He points out that while the probability of a fire on board may be deemed acceptable, the concern lies in the ability to efficiently evacuate individuals in case of an emergency.

Expressing his dismay, Bolton blames the Home Office’s lack of planning and preparation for the delay and potential hazards. He underscores the gravity of the situation, stressing that such a crisis could have been averted with proper foresight and strategic planning.

The former Chief planner for common security and defense policy in the EU also critiques the overall incompetence within Whitehall, highlighting failures in various government departments, including healthcare, education, defense, and transport. He calls for urgent action to bring strategic planning and leadership to the Civil Service to address these issues effectively.

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