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79-Years Old Man Killed His Wife With Wooden Bat, Then Went to Police Station To Report Himself

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A 79-year-old man named Tarsame Singh shocked everyone by admitting to brutally killing his wife, Maya Devi, using a wooden bat. The sad incident happened at their home on Cowdray Way in Elm Park, near Romford, leaving their three children heartbroken.

The terrible news came out on May 2 this year when Singh went to a police station and confessed to the crime. Police rushed to their house and found Maya Devi’s lifeless body on the living room floor, covered in blood, with the wooden bat nearby.

A medical examination later revealed that Maya Devi died from severe head injuries caused by the bat. The police charged Singh with murder on May 3. Detective Chief Inspector Mark Rogers, who led the investigation, expressed sympathy to the family and emphasized how devastating this tragedy is for the couple’s children.

The reason behind the horrible crime is still unclear, as Singh has not given any explanation. The community is shocked and trying to understand why this happened.

The court case is ongoing, and the punishment for Singh is yet to be decided. The community is supporting the grieving family during this tough time.

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