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“They Thrive On DRAMA” Kinsey Schofield Says The Beckhams “Markled” Prince Harry And Meghan (Video)

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Popular “To Die For Daily” podcast, host Kinsey Schofield raised eyebrows as she discussed the alleged friction between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and the celebrity power couple, David and Victoria Beckham.

Kinsey Schofield expressed her belief that the Beckhams have “Markled” Prince Harry and Meghan, insinuating that the famous footballer and his wife have distanced themselves from the royal couple. The term “Markled” appears to be a reference to the notion that Meghan Markle has a reputation for cutting ties with people she no longer finds useful in her circle.

During the podcast, Kinsey Schofield elaborated on her opinion, stating that the Beckhams, along with other Hollywood elites such as the Clooney’s and Obamas, seem to be exercising caution when associating with Prince Harry and Meghan due to their inclination to attract and thrive on drama.

The rift between the two high-profile couples has been a subject of speculation, with previous reports suggesting that Prince Harry confronted David Beckham over rumors regarding Meghan’s hairstylist. However, Kinsey offered a counter-narrative, claiming that it was a receptionist, not Victoria Beckham, who may have leaked the information.

While acknowledging the rumored tension between the Sussexes and the Beckhams, Kinsey emphasized the importance of the royal family to the latter, suggesting that it may be the Beckham family that chose to distance themselves, rather than Meghan and Harry severing ties.

The podcast host further touched upon the dynamics within the Hollywood circles, remarking on the mature approach taken by celebrities like the Beckhams, Clooney’s, and Obamas, who tend to avoid drama and contentious situations. On the other hand, Kinsey pointed out that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to attract and thrive on drama, leading to some elites shying away from getting involved with them.

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As the discussion concluded, listeners were left with questions about the future dynamics between the Sussexes and Hollywood elites, as Kinsey Schofield’s insights brought attention to the delicate balance between maintaining relationships and navigating the spotlight in the world of celebrities and royals.

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