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Plans to House thousands of migrants: I Do Smell A Rat, Tory MP Blames “The Blob” For Migrant Barge Delays

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Conservative MP for Crawley, Henry Smith, has voiced strong criticism over the prolonged delays surrounding a barge intended to house migrants. In an interview on a show hosted by Kevin, Smith expressed concerns about the mysterious hold-up of the vessel, which arrived in the UK on the 18th of July.

The barge, having been previously fitted out in Falmouth, Cornwall, and serving British construction workers in Italy without any issues, has sparked confusion as to why it remains out of commission. Smith, while acknowledging the importance of fire checks, questioned whether external forces were intentionally obstructing its use.

“I do smell a rat with all of this,” declared Smith, pointing the finger at “The Blob” for possibly impeding progress. He used the term to refer to those within the establishment pushing for open borders and hindering government efforts to address the migrant crisis effectively.

During the interview, Smith also criticized lawyers for frustrating deportation efforts and local authorities for finding excuses to stall the barge’s deployment. He emphasized that these delays were taking place despite the barge being previously used without any issues, raising suspicions of a hidden agenda at play.

The MP further highlighted concerns about the wider issue of illegal migration, calling for stricter border controls to address the influx of economic migrants posing as refugees. He stressed the need for the UK to retain sovereignty over its borders and reject those attempting to exploit the country’s generous benefits system.

Moreover, Smith empathized with local communities upset about the sudden arrival of migrants, stating that many had not been properly consulted or informed about the decision to house asylum seekers in their areas. He cited the example of Portland, where over 500 asylum seekers arrived without prior notice, fueling frustration among the residents.

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The interview concluded with Smith expressing support for the recently passed Illegal Migration Bill. However, he maintained that further measures might be necessary to combat the growing number of illegal crossings and prevent migrants from taking advantage of the system.

As the debate around immigration intensifies, Smith’s strong stance on the migrant barge delays and the broader issue of illegal migration reflects the concerns of many within the Conservative Party and the public. The government faces increasing pressure to take decisive action while considering the welfare of local communities and upholding the country’s obligations as a signatory to international human rights conventions.

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